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Domainager ~ A Domainer who purchases domain names to do my part in developing the future.

Check out the Domainager Tales (-: a work in progress:-) and Join Alice (the role of Alice is being played by Evie the evil Evelyn :-) on her journey in the land of Domainager (-:  

What are good domain names worth?

How about a pretty good domain name coupled with a good idea?

How about a good domain name coupled with a good idea and a sticky, well developed website?

Welcome to Domainager as it enters stage right, born FromIdeas 

Domainager will grow and expand in the years to come. I expect it will change rapidly in the beginning. And maybe even MORE rapidly once I know more than the nothing I currently do (-: and just this past few minutes I know why I got a domain name I had NO IDEA why I did ... Watch for that one ... I think it will be listed second in the portfolio list ;-)

The goals of this website are many, but the current driving one is to bring together people new to this wonder we call the Internet with those who are the "Big Dogs". The current main driving goal is to assist those who see the true blessing of the Internet to assist us all in taking it to the NEXT level ...

... The Internet ... a major conduit for the secret ... pass it on ...

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I wonder what a great domain name, with a great idea and a bunch of people come together to take this Domaining calling to the next level ... would be worth ... and I'm talking real True value - not just mere money ...

Any Way - New Partnerships are springing up all around - find your's :-) and welcome (-:


These tools at the tips of our fingers - a TrueBlessing


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